COP Earning Platform| Best Earning Website

COP Earning Platform| Best Earning Website
COP Earning Platform| Best Earning Website 

COP Best Earning Platform USD Currency

    Introduction: COP-EC is an amazing mobile app for earning extra income online from your smartphone. COP, COP-EC, and COOP are three different names for the same mobile app. Therefore, do not get confused about them if you see different names in the details given below.

    How Does it Work COP Application?

    COP-EC help merchants and sellers to promote their products online. The amount we invest is used to buy the items anonymously, however, we do not receive the product in real and money does not get deducted from our account upon submitting the order but the sales count increases. You can say it's a virtual order, not a physical order. There are three parties involved i-e. the merchant, the app, and us. At the same moment, we submit the order, we get back the money with extra profit, the merchant's product gets promoted and gets a high ranking by increasing the sale count and the app gets its own commission ratio. All the three parties involved get their benefits.

    About COP Earning Mobile Application

    When you sign up, the coop gives you 5 days trial period so that you can learn how it works. After 5 days you will be required to deposit 50 USDT to properly activate your account. With 50 USDT, your account will not only get activated but you can also earn money daily with that 50 USDT by buying the orders, and you can withdraw that 50 USDT plus the money you have earned in the 5 days trial period any time you want.

    How To Earn Money in COP Application?

    There are 6 levels of earning from Coop, details are given below:

    1. st level is Bronze level which gives you 2.6% per day earning of your balance. If you have a balance between 5 USDT and 500 USDT, you will be on the Bronze level.

    2. level is the Silver level which gives you 2.8%  per day earning of your balance. If you have a balance between 500 USDT to 3000 USDT you will be on the Silver level.

    3. level is Gold level which gives you 3.2%  per day earning of your balance. If you have a balance between 3000 USDT to 20000 USDT you will be on the Gold level.

    4. level is the Platinum level which gives you 3.8%  per day earning of your balance. If you have a balance between 20000 USDT to 50000 USDT you will be on the Platinum level.

    5. level is the Diamond level which gives you 4.6%  per day earning of your balance. If you have a balance between 50000 USDT to 100000 USDT you will be on the Diamond level.

    6. level is the VIP level which gives you 5.6%  per day earning of your balance. If you have a balance above 100000 USDT, you are a VIP member.

    How to Start Work on COP Mobile App?

    You can start earning from COP by following the given steps

    Step 1: You need to Sign-Up in the Cop-Ec through the following link.

    Coop Earning Platform Sign-up Page: Sign Up Page Click Here 

    Open the link below, fill out the form and click Sign-Up. If you do not see the reference code in the form, then enter 3YXLA in the reference code option on the Sign-Up page.

    Step 2: After registration, you need to download the Coop mobile app. Open the link below to download the Android or IOS mobile app.

    Now You Can Download Application: Click Here

    Step 3: Open the Coop mobile app and Sign-In. Go to profile and verify your Email id. Enter your email id, and click send. You will receive a verification code, enter that code in the app.

    Step 4: Go to Mission Hall and click on Buy Now, system will search for suitable products and then click Submit. Likewise, you need to make 20 buy orders per day.

    Step 5: You can deposit any amount in the COP application but you need a total of 50 USD to get your account activated. Furthermore, you can withdraw 50 USDT or above in a single withdrawal.

    You Can Deposit Balance in Binance Application: Click Here

    How To Earn Money Referral System in COOP Application

    Coop has an amazing 3-level referral system. Its details are as under:

    Level 1: (Direct Referral) will earn you 16 %

    Level 2: Referral will earn you 8 %

    Level 3: Referral will earn you 4%

    How To Earn Money Daily Bonus in COP Application

    If you regularly open the app to work, the coop will give a bonus every day in the following order:

    1. 1st days login will earn you .20 USDT

    2. 2nd-day login will earn you .30 USDT

    3. 3rd-day login will earn you .40 USDT

    4. 4th-day login will earn you .50 USDT

    5. 5th-day login will earn you .60 USDT

    6. 6th-day login will earn you .70 USDT

    7. 7th-day login will earn you 1 USDT

    and it will repeat every week. If you miss a day in the daily login order, you will start again from .20 USDT. Therefore, try to work daily.

    About The COP Company 

    The Company Coop is a Swiss retail giant and the second largest business group in Switzerland. It is headquartered in Basel and consists of 15 regional cooperatives. At present, it has 1,700 retail outlets in Switzerland, mainly in supermarkets, department stores, and shopping plazas. , mostly located in the center of large cities.

    Coop started as a rural consumer cooperative. In addition to supermarkets and department stores, the group also operates various specialty stores such as drugstores, household appliances, furniture decoration, lighting fixtures, and even gas stations and convenience stores. Coop's orange logo It can be found everywhere in Switzerland.

    As an established retail giant, Coop has always had its own development trajectory. Although profits have fallen in recent years, it hasn't affected Coop in general. Until 2020, the sudden epidemic caused a rapid decline in Coop's turnover. The impact of just one year has magnified Coop's lack of e-commerce. Looking at the world, people's lives are constantly accelerating under the rapid development of science and technology. Data in recent years shows that e-commerce has steadily increased its share of shopping and has invaded the market of many brick-and-mortar stores. As far as e-commerce itself is concerned, it can also enable enterprises to quickly obtain rich market information, grasp market demand in a timely and accurate manner, effectively shorten the production cycle of products and minimize the intermediate links in commercial transactions. Enterprises, reduce transaction costs, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness of enterprises.

    COP is an artificial intelligence APP system that serves the global e-commerce sector. Users can easily earn daily commissions by executing daily task orders using the coop APP.

    Cop-Ec is the hottest new-age money-making model of the 21st century, making mobile money a reality!

    Best Useful Tips in COP Application

    If you are interested to work in the Cop-Ec mobile app, you need to have a Cryptocurrency wallet. In this regard, Binance and Payeer are the best and easiest options. If you don't have these wallets, you don't need to worry, I will help you to create the wallet. Just follow these steps.

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