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Digital Marketing Course|How To Start Digital Marketing in English

Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Course

    Digital Marketing Course: At present, everything has become online for me. In such a situation, if you want to make your career, then you must be digital too. For this, you should go about Digital Marketing Course in English. Because of this, you get information related to Digital Marketing Course in English. So you can learn very quickly from this.

    Right now a question related to the digital marketing course must be going on in your mind. Are digital marketing courses expensive? So the question is, yes, but you don't need to panic. Google provides you many Best Digital Marketing Courses even for Free. You have to read this article very carefully, you are going to get complete information about Google Free Digital Marketing Course in English. In which Digital Marketing Course what is its duration. How it gets its certificates and much more important information you will get in this article.

    How To Do Free Digital Marketing Course

    Digital Marketing courses can be done in both Hindi and English language. However, most people in India like to read the Hindi language. If your English is not good, then you can do this course in Hindi also. If you want to do a free class, then you will find many such websites and portals on the internet that teach you free digital marketing courses.

    You just have to have the passion to learn anything. In this article, we are going to give you information about some Genuine and Reputed Websites doing Best Digital Marketing Courses. All this website makes you understand all the small and big information very well about the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Which is very useful in your upcoming digital marketing career. Free Digital Marketing Course Website -> Google, Udemy, Semrush, LinkedIn, Coursera.

    Why Digital Marketing Course is Important

    In the present time, all the methods of marketing have changed. In earlier times people used to promote their products through TV and posters. Which used to cost a lot of money. And not even much audience could not see their product. But through digital marketing, your product can be shown directly to those people.

    Which is the Audience of that product. Although even today many people do not know what is digital marketing, if you are reading this article, then you definitely know about it. With the help of this course, you can do a good job. If you have your own business, then you can also promote it online. If you are currently thinking of doing something, then a digital marketing course is a better option.

    What are the advantages of the Digital Marketing course?

    Digital marketing is very important for us to know about its benefits. Let us tell you that after learning the digital marketing course, you can make your career in affiliate marketing right now. Although some people still do not know what affiliate marketing is, when you learn digital marketing, you get to know everything in this. Let us know, what are the benefits of the digital marketing course.

    • After doing a digital marketing course, you have many job options.
    • According to a marketing report, it has been found that the demand for digital marketing skills is increasing continuously.
    • After doing this course, you can do your own business without doing a job.
    • In the Digital Marketing course, you get many course options.
    • Salary in this sector is also higher than in other jobs.
    • During this course, you get to learn many new things.
    • You can make a good business strategy by taking a digital marketing course.
    • In this course, you get information about many other marketing strategies like social media marketing.

    Types of Digital Marketing Course

    These are all types of digital marketing. You can do a course in digital marketing in any of these niches. However, these are all Advance Courses. Today, we are going to tell you about Digital Marketing Free Course, only basic fundamentals are taught to you inside it.

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    2. Pay-per-Click (PPC)

    3. Social Media Marketing

    4. Mobile Marketing

    5. Marketing Analytics

    6. Content Marketing

    7. Email Marketing

    How many positions are there in digital marketing job?

    1. Analytics Manager

    2. Digital Marketing Manager

    3. PPC Search Manager

    4. SEO Manager

    5. Social Media Manager

    6. Copywriter

    7. Web Manager

    8. eCommerce Manager

    9. Email Marketing Manager

    10. Digital Agency Account Manager

    11. Sales Director

    12. Web Developer

    13. Web Designer

    Free Online Digital Marketing Course

    We have learned some important information related to the digital marketing course. Now we know about all the platforms that offer free digital marketing courses. On all these websites, we first know about Google. how to do free google digital marketing course.

    1. Google Free Digital Marketing Course

    Google has created a separate platform for doing digital marketing courses, which is named Google Digital Garage. Here you get many online courses. There are many courses like Career Development and Business Development. Currently, there are 152 courses in Google Digital Garage. But it keeps on increasing with time.

    It is possible that in the coming time, Google will launch another new course. Let us tell you that there can be no better platform than Google to do the Complete Digital Marketing Course because here you get all the courses with Certificates. Here you are going to tell the list and duration of all the courses related to digital marketing, you can do all these courses from Google. Which is as follows –>

    1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

    2. Get a Business Online

    3. Make Sure Customers Find You Online

    4. Promote a Business With Online Advertising

    5. Promote a Business With Online Advertising

    6. Expand a Business to Other Countries    

    7. Connect With Customers Over Mobile

    8. Promote a Business With Content   

    9. Understand Customers Needs and Online Behaviours 

    10. Understand Customers Needs and Online Behaviours 

    11. Understand Customers Needs and Online Behaviours 

    12. How to Enhance and Protect Your Online Campaign  

    13. How to Enhance and Protect Your Online Campaign  

    14. How to Enhance and Protect Your Online Campaign

    15. Customer Segmentation and Prospecting  

    16. Content, Advertising & Social IMC

    17. Marketing in a Digital World

    18. What Is Social

    19. Marketing Analytics     

    20. Understanding the Web  

    21. Host a Design Thingnikgn Workshop       

    22. Use Digital Tools for Everday Tasks        

    23. Google Ads Search       

    24. Google Ads Display     

    25. Google Ads Measurement      

    26. Shopping Ads     

    27. Google Ads Video        

    28. Learn How to Create Google Search Campaigns

    29. Create and Manage Google Ads Video Campaigns

    30. Learn How to Create and Optimize Google Display Ads Campaigns

    If you do not have any knowledge related to digital marketing, then you can do all these courses from Google. In which you will get all the fundamental information. Apart from this, there are many other courses in digital marketing and many more. You can choose the course as per your requirement. All the courses mentioned here are those which are needed the most during the digital marketing job.

    2. Semrush Academy Digital Marketing Course

    SEMRUSH is a huge software company. Which is made of Digital Marketing Tools. But now SEMRUSH has launched a free digital marketing course for all its users. Which you can do absolutely for free through Semrush Academy. Here you have to do a course related to digital marketing.

    1. Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course

    2. On-Page and Technical SEO Course

    3. Link Building Course

    4. Rank Tracking Course

    5. Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course

    6. SEO Fundamentals Course with Greg Gifford

    7. Keyword Research Course with Greg Gifford

    8. Backlink Management Course with Greg Gifford     

    9. PPC Fundamentals Course 

    10 PPC Automation Course with Navah Hopkins

    3. Udemy Digital Marketing Course

    Udemy is an American company that offers online courses. Here you get many types of free and paid courses. If we talk about digital marketing, then here you can do it from Beginner to Advanced Digital Marketing Course Online. The best thing about this website is that if you do not know the English language well, then here you also get Hindi digital marketing courses.

    1. PPC – Pay Per Click

    2. Creating Backlinks

    3. Google Ads

    4. LinkedIn Marketing

    5. WordPress CMS Setup

    6. Email Marketing

    7. Search Engine Marketing

    8. YouTube Marketing

    9. Facebook Ads

    10. Social Media Marketing

    11. Google Analytics

    Conclusion Digital Marketing Course

    In this article, you have been given complete information about Digital Marketing Course. Let us tell you that if you want to become a Professional Digital Marketer, then it is very important for you to have Advance knowledge. For this, after completing all the courses mentioned in this article, create your own free website. Practice what you have learned from this.

    This will give you much more information. When you will know completely about digital marketing, then you can apply for the job. If you bring good traffic to the website you have created, then you can also get a freelancer job. With the help of this, you can earn money sitting at home. How did you like this information, do tell me by commenting. Do share this post with all your friends, thanks.

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