Python Developer Dehli NCR Syllabus Questions

Python Developer Dehli NCR Syllabus Question
Python Developer Dehli NCR Syllabus Question

    Python Developer Dehli NCR Syllabus All Most Important Questions

    Python Developer Question: Hello, you can learn the best topic of Python programming. You can learn python language and questions. 

    Core Python Language

    Q. 1 Why do we need Python?

    Q. 2 Program Structure in Python?

    Python Execution Steps

    Q. 1 Interactive Shell

    Q. 2 Executable for script files?

    Q. 3 User Interface or IDE?


    Data Types and Operations

    Q. 1 What are Data Types?

    Q. 2 What are Variables

    Q. 3 What are Operators?

    Q. 4 What is a Number?

    Q. 5 What is a String? 

    Q. 6 What is a List?

    Q. 7 What are Tuples?

    Q. 8 What is Dictionary?

    Q. 9 What are Set and other core Types?


    Statement and Syntax in Python

    Q. 1 Assignment, Expressions & prints

    Q. 2 If tests and syntax rules

    Q. 3 While and for Loops

    Q. 4 Interactions and Comprehensions

    Q. 5 File Operations, Opening a file

    Q. 6 Using Files, Other Files Tools


    Memory and Garbage Management

    Q. 1 Objects Creations and deletion

    Q. 2 Objects Properties


    Function in Python Language

    Q. 1 What is function definition and call

    Q. 2 Function Scope,Arguments

    Q. 3 Function Objects 

    Q. 4 Anonymous(Lambda) Functions


    Modules and Packages

    Q. 1 Module Creations and Usage 

    Q. 2 Module Search Path

    Q. 3 Module Vs. Scripts

    Q. 4 Package Creation and importing


    Classes in Python Language

    Q. 1 Class and instances

    Q. 2 Classes Method Calls

    Q. 3 Inheritance and Compositions

    Q. 4 Static and Class Methods

    Q. 5 Bound and Unbound Methods

    Q. 6 Operator Overloading

    Q. 7 Polymorphism


    Exception Handing in Python Language

    Q. 1 Default Exception Handler

    Q. 2 Catching Exceptions

    Q. 3 Raise and Exceptions

    Q. 4 User-defined Exceptions


    Advance Python Language

    Thread in Python Language

    Q. 1 Introduction to Threads in Python?

    Q. 2 Threads Modules

    Q. 3 Threads Life Cycle

    Q. 4 Time and Date


    GUI Programming in Python Language

    Q. 1 Tkinter in details


    Database Connectivity with Python Language

    Q. 1 Mysql Introduction

    Q. 2 Mysql Integration with python


    Html Python Language

    Q. Frameset, Form & Tables


    Advanced Concepts in Python Language

    Q. 1 Introduction to Django

    Q. 2 Introduction to Pandas

    Q. 3 Introduction to Numpy

    Q. 4 IDE( IDLE, Anaconda,Jupyter)

    Q. 5 Projects Works


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